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Battery Systems Engineer - Electrical

  • Role type
  • Full time

  • Location
  • Van Buren, MI

Job Description

  • Architect, design, develop and test next generation high-voltage Battery Systems from the cell to vehicle level.
  • Decompose vehicle/application level requirements to System and Sub-system requirements and component definition to drive design direction.
  • Provide application engineering support to identify the ideal battery pack architecture and integrate into the desired application within given constraints, such as cost, performance, timing, etc.
  • Develop required documentation (sub-system technical specifications, block diagrams, FMEA, P-diagrams, DVP, work instructions, etc.) and Sheppard the design process through to production release.
  • Perform simulations on performance and life predictions from the cell to pack level in varying industries and applications.
  • Research next-generation, advanced HV battery technologies, components, cell/module markets, Thermal concepts & mechanical integration techniques.
  • Work with clients during any point of the engineering “V-Cycle” to support their development needs as required.
  • Create and execute test plans on the cell, module & pack level.  Able to support testing on-site and remotely as required.
  • Work with suppliers to identify required components to be incorporated into the final design, resulting in a robust design meeting all client specifications and needs.
  • Utilize individual and group design, drawing, specification and code reviews to demonstrate and drive the application of robust technical fundamentals to optimize system performance, quality, DFM/DFA and cost. 
  • Conduct root cause analysis and support troubleshooting in multiple formats (8D, etc).
  • Ability to review existing component and system designs to determine if they are adequate for use in multiple applications or if there is opportunity to improve on the existing design for upgraded performance.
  • Creativity and innovative ideas for complex system and component challenges.
  • Understanding of global industry standards and trends to provide the latest technology solutions.
  • Leverage extensive product development assets including team members, test labs, and expert product development capabilities to deliver best-in-class performance, usability and quality.
  • Work collaboratively across the North American and Global Ricardo group as well customers locally and internationally.
  • Resource, timing and budget planning for client proposals – able to generate detail-oriented proposals and present to potential clients
  • Medium and high-volume production experience through production execution

Basic Qualifications:

  • This position requires a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering.
  • Minimum five years’ experience in battery pack design and development, with at least 1 production Battery program executed.  
  • Deep understanding/awareness and knowledge in “State of the Art” industry technologies and suppliers/markets.
  • Strong communication, client awareness, and problem-solving skills
  • Experienced in developing good supplier relationships
  • Highly motivated to succeed, a self-starter who is driven and able to work with others effectively to "get things done" 
  • Strong experience with automotive and industrial energy storage systems employing advanced cell chemistries in various configurations for high voltage, power and energy capacity
  • Familiarity with automotive and industrial energy storage system designs at a high level and best practices.  Has insight into the rationale for design approaches taken by design teams for current production battery packs.
  • Experience with engineering processes from concept development to production energy storage system development.
  • Familiarity with engineering development processes (block diagrams, FMEA, P-diagrams, DVP, work instructions, etc).  Ability to establish development process tools from clean sheet or “own” established process until production release.
  • Familiarity with how an energy storage system will operate within a system (hybrid or grid). 
  • Design and Analysis – requirements documentation, compliance, a general understanding of mechanical and structural design.  Ability to specify key analysis or interpret results.
  • Thermal Systems – familiar with cooling systems: requirements, specifications, heat exchange, working fluids packaging and interconnects
  • Electronic module – fundamental understanding of wiring and bus bar routing, fusing, connectors, mounting of components and maintain bill of materials 
  • Packaging – ability to address issues related to detailed design of module packaging, conductors, sensor locations and module and pack-level tolerance stack analysis, creepage and clearance requirements
  • Proposal development - Ability to write clear proposals with scope, deliverables, assumptions clearly defined.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Masters or PhD in relevant field and 5+ years’ experience
  • Testing – develop comprehensive test specifications, support DV and PV testing for electrical, mechanical and thermal systems.  Close familiarity with test equipment, laboratory requirements and safety. 
  • BMS - Familiarly with typical BMS system functionality, operation, and integration issues
  • Commercial delivery Ability to remain focused on delivery in “noisy environment”.  Ability to simplify complex trade-offs into simple choices to support decision makers.