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Controls System Engineer

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Job Description

Located at our office in Van Buren Twp., Mi or Santa Clara CA, the Controls System Engineer is responsible for the development of embedded control algorithms, communication software, desktop tools and interfacing with sensors and actuators for automotive and related applications.

This includes:

  • Specifications development, systems analysis, modeling, simulation and implementation of control strategies; applications include passenger cars, heavy-duty and hybrid vehicles as well as renewable energy and energy storage systems
  • Working on multiple projects within project constraints, including scope and timing to deliver engineering work according to client, Ricardo and Program Management requirements and expectations

Position Requirements

  1. Bachelor's degree in electrical, mechanical or systems engineering; Master's preferred
  2. 2-5 years experience in developing automotive or industrial embedded controls systems
  3. Strong background in the majority of the following areas:
    1. Systems engineering
    2. Model based controls development with rapid prototyping tools such as MATLAB / Simulink / StateFlow, dSPACE MicroAutoBox, TargetLink, MotoHawk/Raptor, OpenECU, etc.
    3. Model-in-the-Loop, Hardware-in-the-Loop and Software-in-the-Loop simulation, testing, and validation of automotive ECUs
    4. Full V-Cycle development knowledge and experience from requirements to acceptance testing
  4. Experience with and a specialization in number of the following areas:
    1. Hybrid / battery electric vehicle systems
    2. Fuel cell vehicle systems
    3. Energy storage, battery management systems
    4. Electric motor operation and control
    5. Vehicle dynamics control
    6. Various types of automatic transmissions (AMT, DCT, planetary), transmission shift control and clutch control
  5. Demonstrated ability to effectively multi-task
  6. Excellent communication skills, presentation and collaboration skills
  7. Strong problem solving, analytical and listening skills
  8. Ability to excel in a fast-paced, dynamic and matrix organization